Monday, March 21, 2011


  1. sareerathinte ullam ariyan oru maargam kannadachu cheviyil viral thiruki kurachu samayam irikkuka. pathukke pathkke naam sareerathinakathekku pravesikkunnathupole thonnum avitathe muzhakkanalum ozhukkukalum thilakkalukalum anubhavichariyaam .nam sareerathe bahumaanikkan thudangukayaanu ingine.....

  2. we sense something only when it hits us positively or negatively. breath is normally so neutral in good health that we don't sense it to be there!
    and its better that it is so!
    forced consciousness and subtle awareness are slightly different.

    allergy is sensitivity.
    and its good to be sensitive compared to insensitivity.
    osho used to say, that people with allergy are lucky..they just need to seek and their chances of "finding" is relatively less tough.
    good luck to you.